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Intensify Your Battle Rope Workout with these 5 Variations


Battle Ropes are already intensity in ten cities, but if you are ready to level up with them...check these 5 Variations to Intensify your battle rope training: 



  1. Tall Kneeling - This position allows you to understand how much your legs give you power, even if you are just doing an “upper body exercise” like the alternating waves or lateral waves. The tall kneeling still allows you to use your hips and torso to generate force for and through your upper body and arms.
  2. Half-Kneeling Right - I choose half-kneeling if I am trying to “turn-on” one of my glutes or get more muscular activation through one glute at a time. This will help force unilateral engagement and activation.
  3. Half-Kneeling Left - Don’t forget to use both sides, unless there is a radical asymmetry in your musculature and engagement...no one wants to walk in circles from too much engagement on one side over the other.
  4. Seated - If you thought your abs and upper back were working more from the kneeling and half-kneeling, the seated really fires up the torso, by removing the hips down. This is a brutal but effective way to add a ton more intensity to your upper body work.
  5. Lying Prone - This is dumb. Just kidding...but it is not for the weak or the faint of heart. This creates MASSIVE engagement in the upper back and shoulders, just make sure you have the prerequisites in terms of strength and mobility, otherwise you may end up doing more damage than good.


Just walking forward toward the anchor makes for progressively overloaded intensity, but if you want to squeeze more juice from your upper body, try dropping down vertically with the above battle rope variations to add intensity.


By Aaron Guyett, M.A., B.S., CSCS, TSAC-F, FRAs, FRCms

Education Director and Master Coach with Living.Fit

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