How to Train in the Park with Bells and Ropes


Alright, so let’s say you only have a kettlebell and a battle do you get a good workout?

We talk through a few methods to think about getting the most bang for your time, when you want to get a great workout at the local park with just a kettlebell and a battle rope.

Aaron breaks down battle rope set-ups, and then they jump right into the workout.


Think about a basic full body workout:

  1. Starting with Power, Speed, and Explosive work at the beginning - Marcus and Aaron also break down sets, reps, movement pattern development, and planes of motion.
    1. Battle Rope Rainbows
    2. Split Jerks
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  3. Conditioning is key to train with the Battle Ropes and Kettlebells as well.

Let us know what your favorite exercises in the park are in the comments below.

Aaron Guyett is the Battle Ropes Master Coach and Education Director here at Living.Fit.

Marcus Martinez is the Kettlebell Master Coach here with Living.Fit.

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