Does Your Morning Routine Need a Tweak?


Every amazing day, starts with an amazing morning routine!

Why is a morning routine so important?

  1. Mindlessly set yourself up for success
  2. Set aside your willpower for the difficult problems
  3. Automatically do the things that will start your day off right

No matter the time that you wake up, your morning routine can set you up for success, without having to get sucked in to other people's problems with the news, social media, etc.

How do you start small and win big with your morning routine?

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  • Start with an affirmation or gratefulness that you can say to yourself, as an automatic response, and build on that affirmation
  • Bring your family or loved ones that you live with into a routine, which will help you stay with yours
  • What is your ideal start to your day? Do that.
  • Eat the Frog first...think about the most challenging thing that you have to do in the day, and knock that out.

Just like beauty, morning routines are very subjective, so do not feel like you have to do what your neighbor is doing to have success.

The key is that it is routine...something that happens without you having to think incredibly hard about it.

There is no shame if you do not PERFECT the morning routine. Consistency does not mean every-single-day-without-fail.

Sometimes other things may get in the way, but you can overcome your day-to-day challenge by choosing into the morning routine that fits your life best.

Start small.

Start slow.

Start easy.

Build over time.


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