Battle Ropes Advanced Course Success Story from Jessi Astlund - 2 Day Living.Fit Certification

aaron guyett battle ropes Jul 30, 2019

Living.Fit couldn't be more pumped from this incredible feedback from Jessi Astlund, who just earned her Battle Ropes Advanced Certification in Coeur d'Alene, ID for her clients at Metamorphosis Personal Training  in Post Falls, ID!

We had a blast bringing our passion back to the beautiful place where Aaron Guyett was born and raised!

Looking forward to the next battle rope certification!

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Listen to what she had to say about the in-person Battle Ropes Advanced Course in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

"Spent the weekend with some amazing individuals!

Aaron Guyett is an amazing instructor and conducted the best certification class we have ever been to so far.

Not only did we become certified in battle ropes, but we also learned how to become better trainers and individuals.

We can't thank him, Living.Fit and Kettlebell Kings enough for this opportunity!

Jake Casey is an awesome human and always fun to spend time with. He's also brilliant when it comes to coaching, mobility, and making connections through your body.

Ronnie Watson is not only the man behind Defiant Coffee, but he is also an incredible athlete! He is a machine on the ropes and a great person that we were happy to have the opportunity to spend time with all weekend.

Connor James is an ANIMAL on the ropes, no question about it! He is also a trainer in Libby, Montana and a great one at that, it was fun being able to talk training with him and bounce ideas, methods, and experiences off each other.

Thanks to everyone for such an informative, productive and all around great weekend!

Also big thanks to Patriot Supplements for providing some fun new supplements for us to try, Andrews Strength and Performance Gym for providing their awesome space, and Eddie at Primal Needs Custom Catering for bringing snacks to us sweaty nerds all weekend."

 We love to hear the great results we are helping to create with our education, and cannot wait to help more people experience these incredible certifications.


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