Are Battle Ropes Good?

aaron guyett battle ropes Aug 12, 2019

The question, "are battle ropes good?" is sort of asking if money is good?

It depends on if you have the knowledge to use it well, you are using it well, and it is helping you get to an ethical end-result.

If you do not have very much knowledge of what money is, how it works, and why people use it, I am guessing you would either be intimidated by it, dislike it, or even fear it.

Humans will always fear the unknown.

I think it was said best by H.P. Lovecraft, when he said, "“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown” in his book Supernatural Horror in Literature.

For those of you that are well-acquainted with money, probably like it, maybe even love it, but we have to be careful, because if we start to worship it, we may lose all other important things in our life because of greed.

Like any tool, money and battle ropes should be learned, understood, and used well.

I cannot tell you how many trainers, coaches, and exercises enthusiast that have had a bad opinion of battle ropes, and then when I asked them their experience and understanding of the tool--they had none.

I will never talk down on people that earn their money in the stock market, and I would definitely never steer anyone away from earning money in the stock market, because I don't know anything about the stock market. It would be ignorant and imbecilic to pretend I did, and give people my advice on the subject. All I would be able to say is, "I have no clue about the stock market, and I wish you well in what you are doing."

If a battle rope can create force production, and transfer forces and power output as a tool, than it should be able to create adaptations.

Good news!

Battle ropes have been used as a tool to transfer force and load and power output for tens of thousands of years before iron, bronze, and steel.

If this is the case, which it is, we only need to discover how this force can be applied with or by our physical bodies, muscles, kinetic chains, etc. and we are well on our way to using this tool well.

So, are battle ropes good?


Only as good as the mind and body behind the tool.

The more you learn and understand the better you can use this incredibly versatile and ancient tool for power, strength, endurance, mobility, and stability.

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