Action, Because Dreams Don't Become Reality Without It

Written By: Aaron Guyett, M.A., B.S., CSCS, FRAs, FRCms

Living.Fit Education Director and Master Coach



There is no substitute. One cannot wish or hope their way to doing.

In consulting and coaching, I hear a lot of people express the action they are going to take in poor ways.

It will have a lot of “try,” “should,” and “hope.”

I also read and hear a lot of ambiguous and general language.

It is almost as if the person is giving themselves an escape.

Unfortunately, this ambiguity does not inspire, ensure, or create any actions.

In order for action to be taken, there must be concrete terms and clarity.

“I will run every morning for ten minutes for the next week, in order to develop strength, endurance, and improve my health.”

That is concrete, clear, and calls out the action step.

How can you adjust your language to bring forth action?

I recently had a talk with one of my Battle Ropes Level 4 members.
They expressed the need to write things down, make a list, prioritize the list, and act on the list...yet there was no list.
This was after I sent them this question, "What are the specific daily and weekly actions you are going to take, that will make this (referring to their goals, vision, and purpose) a reality?"
Here is a small quote from the email exchange (after we fixed his language and action items, I got permission to share it as an example):
"Coming into Monday and taking time to see what I have ahead of me for the week and writing it down. Brainstorming often puts my in the right progressive mindset and I am able to think clearly and really see what needs to be done. Stratifying everything according to priority is very important and has helped me take a step away from and sort of scatterbrain I may encounter. The same thing goes for my daily goals."
After I read the general and ambiguous response to a very specific question, here was my response:
"You don't have to tell me, but if I am holding you accountable to your success, it may help to send me a screenshot or pic of the list. Also, the more you clarify your vision and make your actions concrete (by articulating them) the more likely they will be acted on by your team and yourself.
If you haven't done so already, make the damn list now, and set your alarm to make it again before you go to bed. And once again tomorrow.
"We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training." -Archilochus
It is not the he doesn't want to succeed, it is that he is having a tough time turning his expectation of success, into daily actions.
We all undergo this, but if we cannot take a step, than we will not get to any destination.
When it comes to action. Think small. Think simple. Think habits.
If you are trying to lose weight, what is the one thing I can do daily in ten minutes to move me toward less body fat?
If you are trying to get strong, what is the one thing I can do daily to ensure strength building?
If you are a trainer, what is the one thing I can do daily that is small to ensure success?
If you are a gym owner, what is the the one thing I can do daily that inspires my team toward success?
Can it be done in ten minutes or less? Can I build it into my current daily routine?
Losing Weight?     Go on a 10 minute walk.
Gaining Strength?     Turkish get-ups for 10 minutes.
Personal Trainer?     10 minutes of learning.
Gym Owner?      10 minutes to write a personal thank you note to a client and team member.
These are not meant to be the perfect solution to turn your lack of success into your dream life. That will never happen anyway.
These are using the slow and steady approach to taking consistent action, building relationships, and ensuring constant improvement. (Which also happen to be Living.Fit's values)
If you can take the first step, then the second step will naturally fall in line.
Use the new found momentum to add another small and simple habit toward your success.
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