5 Reasons to Join Living.Fit


A Letter from Your Trainer: 5 Reasons to Join Living.Fit

by Brittany van Schravendijk (in video)

How many times have you seen “expert” fitness professionals selling training programs, protein powders and flat tummy teas on social media and wondered- how do I know if this is real or fake? You might be wondering how Living.Fit is different from all of the noise out there. Why would you choose Living.Fit over other online training programs, and what does living fit actually mean?

Here are 5 reasons why you should join Living.Fit:

1) Empower yourself to make the best health and fitness choices for your unique body.

Unfortunately, most of the fitness industry markets in a way that preys on people’s fears and insecurities in order to drive purchases. Rather than empower people to learn how their bodies work so they can take their health into their own hands, they advocate ONE particular product, training program, or nutrition program that will be the solution to all of their problems. The issue with this model (besides the obvious ethical problem of preying on someone’s deepest fears to make money) is that we are all individuals, and there is no one-size-fits-all plan for health and fitness. In fact, when it comes to expertise on your body, YOU are the best expert there is. You are the only person who can tune into your body and feel what’s going on inside. You are the only one who can take control of your health.

The idea behind Living.Fit, and what living fit truly means, is to provide knowledge about how the human body works, what different types of training you can utilize, why eating healthy and recovering adequately is important, and how mental health affects and is affected by physical training. We don’t believe in a dogmatic approach; rather, we want to educate you on what’s possible so that you can choose what’s best for you as an individual.

2) Choose from numerous programs that are built for a variety of goals.

At Living.Fit we offer numerous options for physical training: from training with kettlebells for power, strength, or endurance, to using battleropes to train the metabolic pathways, to mobility and bodyweight training, and more. We understand that people have different goals based on aesthetics, performance, strength, or simply what type of workouts they prefer. Having a variety of training programs allows you to pick and choose the style that works for your unique body and mind.

When it comes to nutrition, the Living.Fit approach provides guidelines on choosing healthful, unprocessed foods and how to fuel your body. We understand there is no specific nutrition plan that works for everyone. Whether you want to eat keto, Paleo, vegan, omnivore, low sugar, or simply make a few small changes towards improving your health, our nutrition education will help guide you. We provide factual information on the effects of various foods and macronutrients on your body, so that you can make educated choices. No judgments, no dogma.

3) Learn from top notch coaches and nutritionists that lead by example.

Our Living.Fit educators are coaches who lead by example, and embody what it means to live fit. Having a personal training certification does not always mean someone can coach or execute a skill effectively, or that they are an expert on health and fitness. Only countless hours of coaching others and time spent training specific skills can develop the kind of expertise that sets a top fitness professional apart from the rest. Not only is all of the content on Living.Fit designed for you by our coaches, but you have the ability to ask them questions through the Trainer Experience. We want YOU to become the expert on your own body, and our coaches will provide the knowledge to get you there. At Living.Fit, you can trust that our coaches have put an immense amount of effort into their own health and fitness and are constantly improving so they can provide better service to you. Don’t want to take my word for it? Simply hop onto social media and find out more about how we train, eat, coach, nurture our mental health, and embody what it means to live fit: @kbfitbritt, @aaronguyett, @marcusmartinez, @stefanieobregozo .

4) Join a community of like-minded individuals and win prizes for monthly challenges.

While each individual should choose the type of training that works best for their body, there is something to be said for having goals and extrinsic motivation to keep you going. Living.Fit is here to provide you not just with challenges and training plans, but a community with similar goals to connect with. Follow along workouts with our coaches help you push yourself harder. Monthly challenges where you can win a free kettlebell are a fun way to break the monotony of training. Discussion boards allow you to interact with our coaches and other members of the Living.Fit community.

5) Access all of the above at a cost that no gym or trainer can beat.

As our world continues to become more technologically integrated, you will soon be able to access everything you need to be healthy and fit from your phone or computer. Unless you genuinely enjoy the gym environment, there is no need to spend the time to drive to the gym nor the money on gym fees. We believe top notch health and fitness education should be accessible to EVERYONE. The information we provide through the Trainer Experience gives you a personal trainer, a nutritionist, highly specialized tutorials, follow along workouts, form correction, programming for a multitude of training styles, mobility, and more all for the cost of $10 a month. Compared to a gym membership of $50-200 a month… well, you do the math!


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