5 Kettlebell Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Uncategorized Mar 17, 2020

5 Kettlebell Mistakes and How to Fix Them


Just as with any tool the kettlebell can do some damage if they aren’t treated properly. Too many trainees see a picture or watch a couple of videos and give the kettlebell a whirl. The devil’s in the details with kettlebell training, but with many explosive kettlebell movements a few bad moves can be exponentially dangerous. 


Some mistakes are obvious and require a complete form overhaul while others are a bit more nuanced. Here are five of the biggest mistakes I see with kettlebell training and the easiest fixes to get you back on track.


  1. Back Pain with Swings

Swings are a dynamic movement that require a hinge that already puts your back in potential danger and speed. Combining those two things with a client who doesn’t understand moving through tension

     2. Slamming Forearms with cleans

Bruised forearms are the bigge

     3. Too much knee bend on swings

Squatty swings not only negate the main benefit of what the swing is for (building a strong backside) it puts your back at potential risk. When you look at the bottom position of the swing when you’re in a high hinge and your arms tucked against your body you create an even weight distribution down your torso. This helps keep your spine nice and safe assuming the requisite tension is there. When a client gets a little too squatty typically the weight pulls down vertically instead of down and behind you. The sudden redirection puts more stress on your lower back. Even with tension the cumulative effect of multiple swings

    5. Neck Pain while pressing

The rack position

    6. Ripped up hands with snatches 

If you’re like most you put a kung fu grip on the kettlebell


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