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3 Kettlebell Snatches for Rotational Power


The kettlebell snatch is a powerful movement that builds full body strength and power. Once you’ve mastered the basics it’s time to get some rotation in! Here are three variations that will give you a new movement to master as well as build rotational power. 

For each of these variations it’s crucial to have the “float” at the top to allow for the bell to finish in the overhead position without slamming on your forearm. Regardless of what orientation or degree of rotation you’re in, maintain enough tension throughout your torso and during the movement itself to avoid putting too much pressure on your lower back. 

 1. Deadstart Rotational Snatch

This variation will require the least amount of coordination since you’ll be moving the bell vertically and across the body. There is no drop in the variation so you’ll only be getting the concentric pull.



2. Half Rotational Snatch

This variation will have the bell starting in the rack position. Similar to the clean, release the bell straightening the arm quickly while pivoting. This will create the momentum needed to finish with a strong pull across the body finishing in the overhead position. 

 3. Cross Body Rotational Snatch 

This variation will start from overhead. You’re going to release the bell laterally and as it crosses your midline you’ll pivot to let the bell reach its end point, decelerate and then explosively pull and rotate to bring the bell back to the overhead position. 

Give these variations a try and let me know what you think! For more workouts and in depth tutorials check out www.Living.fit .

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