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Learn How to Use One of the Most Effective and Versatile Tools in Your Gym

WHAT MAKES A GOOD WORKOUT PLAN?  A well rounded workout plan  includes components for power, strength, endurance and durability.  Traditionally, you need tons of different equipment to provide these for clients. 

FULL BODY WORK. Often thought of as a finisher or tool for your upper body, battle rope workouts utilize muscles in your glutes, back, abs and can be used to build legs with lunges, squats and jumps.  Ropes can be  power, strength or endurance.

SAFETY.  Compared to loaded weights, ropes are safer for clients because the rope is limited to the power you create

CLASSES. Train high level athletes and beginners in the same class because you get out of the rope what you put in, rather than being dependent on needing a variety of weights or equipment available. Wide degrees of clients use the same rope


"What were the top three things you learned from both Living.Fit Battle Ropes Level I and II?"

These courses introduced me to a huge variety of different ways to use the battle ropes in order to train different metabolic pathways. That battle ropes can be used as a tool for building strength, increasing power, or burning fat depending on how they are used in combination with the work to rest ratio. That this tool is incredibly versatile and is an excellent way to engage the full body (most times with low impact), as well as measure power/strength output and also inconsistencies in an athlete.

"What is one way you will implement this education in your personal or professional life?"

I will regularly incorporate many of the compound fat-burning exercises in the bootcamp program that I run. I will also regularly check-in with the massive variety of exercises in this online resource to develop my own training. As I have difficulty with degeneration in the cervical spine, the low impact of the battle ropes is a fantastic option for me to increase endurance without putting a lot of extra pressure on my spine. This will be something that I can share with clients who also have mobility restrictions or suffer from injury. The battle ropes are my absolute favourite tool for improving my mindset, and fueling my mental strength. I plan on using many of these exercises to take my own training to the next level physically, while also continuing to pass on my passion for improving mental health with this tool that I find so empowering. The number of exercises in this course will make it much easier to keep challenging myself and developing myself both physically and mentally. This, in turn, I will pass along to my personal training clients.

"How do battle ropes benefit your training?"

The battle ropes offer a constant challenge to me, through their enormous versatility. They keep me engaged, focused, feeling strong, and ALWAYS challenging me to push a little harder. It helps me to be able to visualize and measure my progress by watching the movement through them, and they keep me from becoming bored with traditional gym activities (which I tire of quickly). Since using the battle ropes I have noticed a huge improvement in my own endurance and strength. I have also noticed that in conditioning power through the ropes I am able to more quickly execute powerful moves (without becoming winded as quickly). For me, the greatest benefit to the ropes is how I feel when I use them. I ENJOY working out, and trying new things with them. They give me a sense of power and appreciation for movement and the transfer of energy through them. The best part is that when I use them I am able to stay present and hyper-focused, engaging my full body as well as my mind.

About The Certification:


Learn from the best.  Aaron Guyett is the Battle Ropes & Fitness Programs Manager for Living.Fit with a decade of battle rope coaching, teaching, and programming. Aaron systematically breaks down force, so each participant knows exactly how to program movements, metabolic pathways, and mindset to get the most out of your own training and the training of your clients, athletes, and classes. Certifications cover different topics depending on if it is a 4 hour or 2 day format. For any upcoming certifications you can read what will be covered on the registration page available through the 2019 certification schedule. 

About Aaron Guyett

Aaron is Equinox Fitness Training Institute Educator and founder of Battle Ropes Education.  In addition to being a Marine Corps Staff Sergeant and Iraq War veteran.  Aaron runs run both the virtual and in-person training programs related to battle ropes and other modalities of fitness for Kettlebell Kings & Living.Fit.

One of the ways Aaron discovered many benefits of Battle Ropes: 

"When I was training for the Kettlebell World Championships in Dublin I needed to add an aerobic/endurance component to supplement my kettlebell training because my feet were getting killed from so much running. By adding progressive amounts of double rope work to protect my feet and mobility instead of running I drastically improved my endurance with the kettlebell, with adaptations/improvement in my aerobic capacity, lactic threshold, and mental toughness."

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  • NCSF: 7 NCSF CEUs are pre-approved for this course.

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