Learn How to Use One of the Most Effective and Versatile Tools in Your Gym

A well rounded workout plan includes components for power, strength, endurance and durability. Ropes provide any one of these for a total workout.  Battle ropes are also safer because you are limited to the power you can create rather than excessive load in weights, making these ideal for classes. Often thought of as a tool for your upper body, battle rope workouts utilize muscles in your glutes, back, abs and can be used to build legs with lunges, squats and jumps.  Going to the gym and waving a rope around without technique or a plan will not drive the results you want. Formulate a plan for better workouts through certification!


About The Certification:


Learn from the best.  Aaron Guyett is the Battle Ropes & Fitness Programs Manager for Living.Fit with a decade of battle rope coaching, teaching, and programming. Aaron systematically breaks down force, so each participant knows exactly how to program movements, metabolic pathways, and mindset to get the most out of your own training and the training of your clients, athletes, and classes. This is a four hour certification which covers durability, mobility, stability & engagement with battle ropes. Additionally:

  1. Power Metabolic Pathway Training with Battle Ropes
  2. Strength Metabolic Pathway Training with Battle Ropes
  3. Endurance Metabolic Pathway Training with Battle Ropes
  4. Coaching Cues and Best Practices
  5. Dynamic Decompression
  6. Question and Answer Time 

February 23, 2019 at Prana Fitness in New York City 10:30AM to 2:30PM.  One entry is $199.99!


Attend This Certification

February 23, 2019 at Prana Fitness in New York City 10:30AM to 2:30PM. One entry is $199.99

Who Attends Battle Ropes Certifications?

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About Aaron Guyett

Aaron is Training Institute Educator for Equinox Fitness and founder of Battle Ropes Education.  In addition to being a Marine Corps Staff Sergeant and Iraq War veteran. Aaron runs run both the virtual and in-person training programs related to battle ropes and other modalities of fitness for Kettlebell Kings & Living.Fit.

How Aaron Discovered the Benefits of Battle Ropes: 

"When I was training for the Kettlebell World Championships in Dublin I needed to add an aerobic/endurance component to supplement my kettlebell training because my feet were getting killed from so much running. By adding progressive amounts of double rope work to protect my feet and mobility instead of running I drastically improved my endurance with the kettlebell, hence improvement in my aerobic capacity, lactic threshold, and mental toughness."


New York Certification

Join us in New York City to learn how to use one of the most versatile tools in your gym and create a better client experience or build muscle in your own workouts! February 23, 2019 at Prana Fitness in New York City 10:30AM to 2:30PM.  One entry is $199









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